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The beauty of Solitaire game, which is by the way one of the oldest existing card games is that it combines fortune and logic and is quick and simple. Here you can play one round in 15 minutes for sure, in case you have difficult cards on hands. Or if lucky do it in less than 5 minutes, we have tried, it works! People from all over the world playing Solitaire instantly, this game can be tackled practically by everyone, starting from the kid playing Solitaire or Solitaire Master. The game is addictive in a good way; it brings sort of excitement and gratification together with feeling of gambling.

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Solitaire Champ Game Structure

So as we have mentioned earlier, playing Solitaire doesn't require long hours of preparation. The game is meant to be simple and easy to play. However you still need to understand FREE Solitaire card game rules.

The objective of classic Solitaire Champ card game is to drag all of the 52 cards in your deck to the foundation piles. Initially you have all of the cards laying in 7 pile on the tableau area and in 1 stock pile. Cards in the stock pile are turned faces down, while on the tableau top cards are faced up and the ones beneath them are turned down. You task is to drag the cards to the 4 foundation piles in the ascending order keeping cards of the same suit strictly in one pile. The pile should start with the Ace and end with the King. If in the initial draw there are no cards you can drag to the foundations, you can try to move cards around between the piles on the tableau. Here you can put together cards in the descending order keeping alternate colors. By doing so you can spare the cards below and move them around etc.. In the emergency case when there are no moves in the tableau left you can flip the stock pile. When you do this, the cards from the stock pile will be turned faces up and placed in to the waist pile. The waist pile is the heap of cards just next to the stock pile. At the beginning of your Solitaire round you decide whether to have 1 or 3 cards in each stock draw. From the waist pile you can move your cards either directly to the foundations or utilize them in the tableau combinations. If the stock drew you bad cards, you can simply flip it again as many times as needed. The game ends when you drag all of the cards into the foundation area. So try it out and good luck!

Solitaire Game Features

The best thing about Solitaire Champ card game is that it is very well designed and is super social. Playing FREE Solitaire Champ game you will you can meet other Solitaire enthusiasts from all over the world and build your own Online Solitaire Community. You can bring your friends from Facebook and other social accounts to play along in our FREE Solitaire Champ card game. During the games you can always drop a line in a real time mode and send a cherishing present to you opponents. . In Solitaire Champ FREE card Game we hold weekly exciting Promos, where you have a chance to win superior pool prizes and great bonuses.

Yes in Solitaire Champ FREE card game you can enjoy playing in multi-player modes with other players. You can participate in our weekly Solitaire Champ tournaments and challenge 7 more other players for the Champ crown and the pool prize. You can compete in our weekly League tournaments, where there are more than 10 leagues are offered to meet all levels of difficulty, pool prizes and interests. In Solitaire Champ FREE card game you can take part in leagues of country and world levels. You also can create your own league and invite your Solitaire Champ friends over there. Playing in leagues will boost your Solitaire gaming skills; earn you big chips (Solitaire Champ game currency) and extra gems.

There are also exciting and FREE mini-games you should certainly try in our Solitaire Champ game, including slots, wheel of fortune and scratch and win play. Download Solitaire Champ for FREE now on your Android and iOS!